The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2016

Turnaround and transformation
in cybersecurity

Key findings


follow a risk-based cybersecurity framework


use cloud-based cybersecurity services


leverage Big Data to improve cybersecurity


collaborate with others to improve cybersecurity


have a CISO in charge of the information security program

As threats continue to mount, understanding and managing cybersecurity risks have become top of mind for leaders in business and government. Organisations are responding by taking action. Increasingly, they are adopting innovative technologies like cloud-enabled cybersecurity, Big Data analytics and advanced authentication to reduce cyber-risks and improve cybersecurity programmes.

Businesses are also embracing a more collaborative approach to cybersecurity, one in which intelligence on threats and response techniques is shared with external partners. Internally, organisations are rethinking the roles of key executives and the Board of Directors to help create more resilient and proactive security capabilities.

Another notable measure of progress is a renewed willingness to invest in security. This year, survey respondents reported they have significantly boosted information security spending to better enable them to tackle the cybersecurity juggernaut head on. Read on for details on how innovative organisations are addressing this challenge.

The Global State of Information Security® is a registered trademark of International Data Group, Inc.

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