Through the looking glass:
What successful businesses find in India

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Pattern four:
Integration and collaboration are central to strong supply chains

In India, supply chains should be able to respond to fluctuations in demand and supply. Demanding customers, the need to serve a segmented market, and regulatory uncertainty add to the complexity.

Companies looking for sustainable revenue growth in India are asking:

  • How can we design resilient supply chains to navigate challenges, such as an overburdened infrastructure and variable tax rates?
  • Can our supply chains deliver quality and consistent service across the vast market?
  • Acquire supply chain flexibility that comes from partnering and collaborating more with suppliers and accommodating front-end channel operators.
  • Ultimately, this boils down to trust and working together with stakeholders on shared goals and objectives.
  • This approach can help to more effectively and efficiently navigate infrastructural and regulatory challenges.



The market is highly segmented


Niche segments demand tailored solutions


Relationships can make or break channel strategy


Integration and collaboration are central to strong supply chains


In India, think operating models for India