PwC at the Mobile World Congress 2014

PwC at the Mobile World Congress 2014
PwC at the Mobile World Congress 2014

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Managing customers through technology and business transitions

Customer migrations are becoming a fact of life in the communications industry. Rapidly evolving technology and standards, the refarming of spectrum, and competitive and regulatory changes virtually guarantee that service providers will need to migrate customers to new platforms every few years.

Enhancing mobile advertising

Trends in mobile advertising can be challenging, but by looking at how these trends affect companies, executives can better understand how to prepare to meet these challenges and increase their chances for success. For more information on the statistics presented in the paper, visit

PwC’s Business Analytics Video: Intelligence in the Moment

Explore how PwC uses our Growth Radar, Experience Navigator, Demand Estimator, and Social Mind apps to help organizations make success-oriented decisions. Our apps are platforms we develop to enable our clients to solve a specific problem or assess a new opportunity. By combining a unique data model, set of analytical algorithms and visualization tools, our clients can test different scenarios with their own data assets. PwC's investment in these and many other apps arms our consultants with powerful analytics tools to give our clients speed to insights.

Taxing the cloud: A foggy endeavour

With a name as nebulous as ‘The Cloud,’ it isn’t any wonder that applying multiple complex tax schemes to cloud services can quickly expand into a storm of issues for any business. Huge global opportunities lie in the cloud, as discussed in our earlier publications. But too often the potential tax repercussions of a cloud infrastructure strategy are overlooked or not sufficiently considered until it’s too late. A company can be blindsided by unintended tax assessments.

PwC’s Business Analytics in Financial Times

PwC thought leaders explain the power of fact-based insights:

Productivity Growth: The crucial link between investment and return: As the key to growth, productivity should be top of mind for the C-Suite, and that means facing tough, interrelated short- and long-term challenges.

Five steps to sustainable productivity growth: We’ve defined five concrete steps C-Suite executives can take to create policies that will drive and improve productivity growth.

Information as an asset: As big data and more sophisticated analytics become a critical business differentiator, three lenses help explain how companies can reframe their strategies to maximize market impact – and the capabilities they need to do it effectively.

Is the forecast clear on your wholesale cloud strategy?

Many telecom companies are looking to cloud services as a fresh source of revenue growth. They already own most of the physical assets (such as data centres and network) to deliver cloud services and they have a ready customer base to tap into. But developing or buying into a cloud business presents challenges. A new approach to entering the cloud services market is now starting to emerge. This wholesale approach allows operators to buy into a franchise model, but on their terms.

Winning practices of the most successful Technology, Media, and Telecom innovators

What qualities and practices set the leading innovators within the Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) industries apart from their peers? What practical steps do these companies take to embed innovation throughout their business? In which areas do they focus their innovation effort: products and services, customer experience, business model? In this report we distil the lessons that can be learned from a cohort of leading TMT companies, and identify how to apply these lessons to enhance any TMT company’s innovation capability.

The New Digital Ecosystem Reality: Nine trends rewriting the rules of business

PwC's Technology Industry leader discusses technological, economic, and political trends that are important to CEOs and C-Suite executives while exploring the trends and challenges that businesses must consider to remain competitive.

Virtual context: Connecting two worlds

This article focuses on the continuous information exchange between the digital and physical worlds that creates the virtual context of the end user. It is concerned with how the networking requirements of contextually aware and intelligent services will enable this dynamic environment. Making such an experience robust and seamless to the user requires significant network bandwidth. However, raw capacity alone is not sufficient to enable diverse mass-market contextual services. Networks must become flexible enough to not only provide various levels of quality of service but also handle security and other back-end services.

The magic of advanced technology: Predicting real-time behaviour & needs via contextual intelligence

PwC forecasts that the next phase of mobile innovation will revolve around capturing and modeling the contextual situation of mobile users. Such knowledge will become the primary resource for predictive mobile applications and services that will address mobile users’ needs and desires in near real-time, and often before the users themselves reveal what they want.

Sensing and making sense: Device and environment underpin contextually aware services

The technology industry is already in the midst of a race to connect mobile devices and their physical environments with sensors, beacons and other data gathering and broadcasting technologies. Not just smartphones and tablets, but fixed locations and everyday objects are gaining the ability to communicate wirelessly with each other and with the end user. PwC expects this race to accelerate.

Communications Review - Continuing to evolve

As the communications industry continues its digital evolution, changes are taking place at varying speeds – with some happening at a rapid pace, while others are more gradual. These variations can be seen not just between markets, but between different players in the same market.

Communications Review - Discipline for growth

More competition. Higher expectations. Escalating demand. Despite the incredible pace of evolution in the telecoms industry, revenue growth continues to be challenge for many operators. Without discipline and focused efforts to make changes and place bets, increasing revenues will remain elusive to many.

Global entertainment and media Outlook 2013-2017

PwC's 14th annual Global entertainment and media outlook is now available, providing comprehensive consumer and advertising spend data to 2017. The Outlook is accessed online by thousands of executives across the media, technology, communications, retail and financial services sectors, and by some of the largest advertisers in the world. Get an insight into our forecasts and industry trends for 2013-2017, take a tour of the Outlook's extensive online functionality, and find out which subscription option suits you best, all via these pages.

Consumer Intelligence Series - Mobile Advertising

Consumer Intelligence Series, now in its 6th year, is PwC's ongoing consumer focused research through which we gain directional insights on consumer attitudes and behaviors in the rapidly changing media and technology landscape. Our findings reflect the intersection between the online survey to over 1,000 respondents, a series of focus groups, and social media listening.

EMC Deal Insights

Welcome to the first issue of US entertainment, media & communications deal trends, a quarterly publication prepared by the entertainment, media & communications (EMC) deal professionals at PwC. We focus on merger and acquisition trends in the EMC sector including domestic and outbound deals, corporate versus private equity deals, and a look at sub-sector activity.

North American Wireless survey

PwC's North American wireless industry survey provides an understanding of current and emerging trends in the wireless sector. It will help your business benchmark against other North American operators and shape changes in your general financial accounting and reporting policies.

17th Annual Global CEO Survey - Key findings in the Communications industry

Communications industry CEOs are looking to product and service innovation to drive their companies forward. They’re somewhat or very concerned about their company’s ability to keep up with the speed of technological change. And they’re looking to strategic alliances or joint ventures to propel growth.

17th Annual Global CEO Survey - Key findings in the Entertainment & Media industry

There is growing optimism amongst entertainment and media CEOs as they transform their businesses. Product and service innovation will provide the greatest opportunity for growth and is likely to play a pivotal role in addressing their greatest concerns: shifts in consumer spending and behaviour and speed of technological change. However, risk management is the area of the business least prepared moving forward.

17th Annual Global CEO Survey - Key findings in the Technology industry

Technology CEOs are more optimistic and confident in this year’s CEO Survey, but they have some challenges as well, including improving their ability to innovate and dealing with cyber threats. They’re focused on changes in R&D and innovation, but customer growth and retention as well as talent strategies remain priorities too.