Value: Getting it. Giving it. Growing it.

This edition of Communications Review is being published at a moment when the outlook for the global economy— and for the business environment for communications operators—is both fascinating and finely balanced. On the one hand, growth is powering ahead in many (especially emerging) markets following the downturn. On the other, continuing concerns over sovereign creditworthiness, especially in the eurozone, are inhibiting confidence.

The resulting mix of optimism and uncertainty is fostering a continuing sense of caution among consumers and businesses in many markets. However, for those communications providers able to identify and seize them, real and sustainable sources of value do exist. Often, seizing opportunities requires courage and an ability to think beyond the traditional boundaries of the industry and tap into what is new and previously unforeseen. For those reasons, the theme we have chosen for this issue is how to harness, create and expand value in an ever more complex world of interrelated risks and opportunities.