Making the most of M&A

Although recently merger and acquisition (M&A) markets have not had the volume of transactions we saw a few years ago, activity and opportunities exist within the communications industry. The consolidation trend continues, with established operators looking to add shareholder value through strategic acquisitions, often in emerging markets.

At the same time, consumers claim to want one device that does everything and has a simple, intuitive user interface. Does that mean mobile operators should purchase content companies, or wait to see how applications stores develop, or both? If you are considering an acquisition, which approach will provide long-term value to shareholders and satisfy customers?


How PwC can help

M&A, valuations, partnerships, joint ventures and divestitures all require in-depth analysis, careful evaluation and that you thoroughly understand valuation methods, business models and regulatory implications. PwC can help communications clients determine the objectives of the transaction, structure the deal and develop materials to convey details to interested parties.

We can also identify acquisition targets or buyers, make introductions, assist with financing and keep shareholders apprised of proceedings. To help negotiate and finalise the deal, we can provide detailed due diligence (financial, tax, pensions/human resources, treasury, information technology). After the deal is done, we can advise your company on optimising structures to realise a smooth transition and improved financial performance.