Key findings from the CEO interviews


Find out what CEOs think about their prospects for revenue growth, as the economic outlook and ever-widening range of threats continue to test even the strongest organisations.


The risk landscape is changing: explore what worries CEOs most on the economic, policy and commercial fronts – and across a range of major potential disruptions.


CEOs are working hard to grow their business while keeping a tight rein on costs. Explore how they’re improving operational effectiveness to meet these goals.


Discover how CEOs are navigating through the climate of uncertainty to find growth, and which markets – old and new - they’re targeting.


Find out how CEOs are chasing their number one goal of growing their customer base - while cutting costs and adjusting to rapid changes in buying volumes and patterns.


Business leaders know that building resilient organisations starts with trust. Discover how CEOs are rebuilding trust with their growing numbers of increasingly influential stakeholders.



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