Interview with Valentina Stanovova

Senior Vice-PresidentCapital Group

"I don’t believe the performance of the global economy over the next 12 months will be radically different from what we’ve seen over the past year. However, in taking a three-year perspective, I think prospects for the global economy may become brighter."

"In 2010, it was absolutely clear to us that the real estate development market had changed. The time of huge profits was gone. In response, we re-focused our business around clients who come to us with very clear requirements and a desire for real estate development of very high quality. ...we view a commitment to quality product as a source of growth and profitability for us."

"The orderliness and transparency of our documents that certify the corporate structure of any particular real estate development and the legitimate ownership of any particular real estate asset is intended to both satisfy the requirements of local authorities and establish our company's reputation as a trusted business partner."

"In terms of revenue growth, our key area of focus is to maintain a satisfied and happy client base."

"As for external economic threats, uncertainty with respect to our legal obligations is the primary threat we face. The possibility that the laws may change or be interpreted in different ways means there are, in fact, no real rules of the game."

"From the standpoint of external political threats, we are concerned, of course, about what’s happening in our country. Social protests and scandals in both the business and political realms do not contribute to investor confidence."

"Accurate budgeting and tracking enables good management decision-making. If we do not meet the targets we’ve set in a certain area, we must ask ourselves why and what can be done to improve results. "

"Our clients have the greatest impact on our operations. But I use the word “clients” in the broadest sense. For Capital Group, the client stakeholder community includes our investors, our commercial lessees, and our residential customers. "

"The other community of stakeholders that matters to us as an effective company are our employees. Our employees provide services, construct and manage our buildings, and prepare the documents that ensure the legitimacy of our real estate holdings. In the development business, employees are the core asset."

"We have also been active in quite a number of other CR initiatives. For example, blood donation drives have become a tradition in our company. We take part in charity funds. And we fund exhibitions and cultural events at the Moscow House of Photography and the Multimedia Art Museum. "


As part of PwC's 16th Annual Global CEO Survey, we spoke with Valentina Stanovova, Senior Vice-President of Capital Group. In this short video, Valentina talks about adapting to changes in the industry, key business threats, and the importance of the wider stakeholder community.


Valentina started her career in 1993 as the chief accountant at SSN-Silicon. In 1996, she was invited to the international advertising agency United Campaigns, and soon became the CFO at GL Media Holding. Since 1997, Valentina has been working at Capital Group, initially as Deputy Financial Director. At that time, the real estate market was only being formed in Russia, with no algorithms and standards in place. It was under the guidance of Valentina that the financial schemes for attracting western investors, developing real estate projects and others were developed.

In 2001, Valentina was appointed CFO of Capital Group, and then in 2008 — Vice President for Finance. She was directly involved in realization of the majority of 50 completed development projects of Capital Group and since 2009, Valentina is the Senior Vice President at Capital Group, being in charge of operative administration and strategic planning of further development of the company.

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