Interview with Shikha Sharma

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Axis Bank Limited

"I think that emerging markets will continue to see much higher rates of growth, particularly India, where we expect the three-year average to be between 7% and 8%. So even though growth this year could be 5.5%, we think it’s going to climb back up."

"To build a long-term business which is valuable and sustainable, you have to set goals other than growth. We’ve always set goals of profitability along with growth, but we also aim to ensure that we have a proposition that is valued by both the customer and the employee."

"Another goal is to ensure that we are respected within the community by the regulators, the policy makers and the communities that we work in. Those are all important objectives for us if we want to build a long term valuable business."

"I think the level of external threats has increased with every passing decade. And as the pace of change has increased, organisations like ours have to be a lot more flexible than we might have been in the past."

"We ensure that we are prepared for potential adverse scenarios by making sure that we are well capitalised, that we are watching our risk processes and that we have a fairly diversified portfolio in terms of the risks that can come and hit us. And that immunises us a bit from some of these threats."

"Regulatory change, however, impacts everybody equally. So we just have to learn to adapt to that."

"We have to have the resilience to work through even if growth slips for a while. And that resilience is provided by a well-capitalised, fairly diversified, high-quality and secure portfolio. Managing liquidity well is also important in the banking context."

"But to achieve 20% plus growth for the next three years is possible. And given that we’re privileged to be in India, which is still seeing much higher rates of growth than most countries around the globe, we think that should be achievable."


As part of PwC's 16th Annual Global CEO Survey, we spoke with Shikha Sharma, Managing Director and CEO of Axis Bank. In this short video, Shikha talks about being prepared to cope with potentially adverse scenarios and building a long-term sustainable and valuable business.

Shikha is the Managing Director and CEO of Axis Bank since 2009. Set up in 1994, Axis Bank is currently the third-largest private sector bank and the ninth-largest bank in terms of total assets in the country. She began her career with the ICICI group where she worked across various verticals like project finance, retail banking and investment banking. Her last assignment was as Managing Director & CEO of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company, a leading private sector insurer.
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