Interview with Seymur Tari

Chief Executive OfficerTurkven

" Western Europe, there is a more fundamental matter. People there have decided that they should work less and retire earlier. And that may not be affordable. So I think that Western Europe has a serious structural issue."

"Overall, I have to say that I’m not very optimistic in terms of global growth."

"...there is so much money in the world that if you are young, healthy, and hard-working - which is basically how I would describe Turkey’s population - one can prosper. Turkey, I think, can do quite well even when Europe is not doing so well."

"That sort of spirited approach to growing our businesses has a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy because when you put your heart into it, you usually get the results you’re after."

"But as a consequence of managing those businesses for growth, I believe we have played an important social role in creating employment. I personally believe that employment is the biggest contribution that we can provide to the country. In building thriving workplaces we create enormous social benefit."

"So as long as we can keep Turkey as an investor-friendly environment - and continue to strengthen our laws and regulations - I think we will do really well. Turks work very hard. Our economy is in good shape. All that augurs well for Turkey’s continuing growth."

"In a growth environment like Turkey, building value in a company is synonymous with job creation. At any given time, you have to recruit an excess of employees in anticipation of next year’s growth. We are blessed with an economic environment in which our social contribution is in complete harmony with our business goals."


Turkven is the first and leading independent private equity firm in Turkey, with 17 investments, 6 exits and $1.5 billion of assets under management. Seymur co-founded Turkven in 2000 and has led numerous deals for the firm. Prior to his role in Turkven, Seymur was formerly with McKinsey & Company in Istanbul focusing on corporate portfolio strategy and at Caterpillar Inc. in Geneva as a product manager with responsibility for the EMEA & CIS regions. Seymur has an MBA from INSEAD and an MSc and BSc in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics from ETH Zurich. Seymur currently serves on the Boards of Koton, Mavi, Digiturk, Doga Koleji, Provus, NGM and Domino's.
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