Interview with Piyush Gupta

Chief Executive Officer and DirectorDBS Group

"In the medium-term, I’m actually optimistic about the prospects for Asia. That’s predicated on massive consumption spend I see happening in China, India and Indonesia."

"It’s quite clear that business models are changing as much in our industry as in any other. And staying abreast of those changes - in fact, being in the vanguard of those changes - is something to which we give a very high priority."

"The level of external threats today is much higher than in the past ... Regulations are changing faster, technology is changing faster, the social-political landscape is changing faster. And that means that going forward an organisation’s ability to respond speedily to events is going to be crucial."

"I think the Asian financial system learned from the 1998 crisis. Therefore, in terms of capital and liquidity, the starting position of Asia’s financial system is perhaps stronger than the systems in the West."

"I’ve always believed that our business must operate for the benefit of multiple constituencies. My basic equation is that you focus on your people, your people focus on the customers, and that, in turn, allows you to generate a decent return for shareholders."

"We get a license to operate not just from the regulators but also from civil society. To maximise our presence on the ground, we have to meet the expectations of society as a whole."


As part of PwC's 16th Annual Global CEO Survey, we spoke with Piyush Gupta, Chief Executive Officer and Director of DBS Group. In this short video, Piyush talks about a renewed focus on customers and employees to increase market share, the importance of staying abreast of technological change, and achieving resilience through strategic alignment of the business.

Piyush is Chief Executive Officer and Director of DBS Group, as well as Director of DBS’ subsidiary companies, The Islamic Bank of Asia Limited and DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited. Prior to joining DBS, Piyush was Citigroup’s Chief Executive Officer for South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Piyush began his career with Citibank in India in 1982 and over the years, held various senior management roles across Citi's corporate and consumer banking businesses, including Head of Strategic Planning for Emerging Markets and Regional Director for Global Transaction Services for Asia Pacific. He has also served as Citi's Country Officer for Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore respectively. Piyush has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in Economics from St. Stephen's College, Delhi University, India and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM, Ahmedabad.
  These interviews contain the opinions and views of the CEOs interviewed, and do not necessarily represent the opinions and views of PwC.


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