Interview with Peter Tortorici

Chief Executive OfficerGroupM Entertainment Global

"Our business operates in a global marketplace. And that can prove to be advantageous in the sense that a worldwide presence hedges your risk exposure. Something that occurs in the US, for example, won’t necessarily bring all your operations to a halt."

"In an interconnected world you are exposed to a greater number of vulnerabilities and externalities. So, whether disruptions occur as a result of geopolitical, climate, or economic conditions, the consequences can ripple through the system and there’s no place to hide."

"Our operations are now scaled so broadly that we have to accept the fact that there are some events that just aren’t predictable. A degree of fragility is part and parcel of the system."

"How do you cope with that degree of uncertainty? Well, I think first by having the right attitude about the process of change and reinvention. And second, is by forming partnerships, collaborations, and alliances with other likeminded companies that have something to contribute beyond what you can provide."

"We've expanded our business in Asia Pacific. We've got a number of projects happening now in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. India is a fantastic market and we’ve established a very strong team there. And over the past year, we've really been focusing on China."

"In a sense, our organisation operates as a federation. Although we’re global in scale, all of our businesses are local and operate within very unique local environments."


As part of PwC's 16th Annual Global CEO Survey, we spoke with Peter Tortorici, Chief Executive Officer of GroupM Entertainment Global. In this short video, Peter talks about the pros and cons of the increasingly interconnected marketplace; achieving balance in the organisation through diversification and innovation; and dealing with unpredictable, disruptive events.

Peter is Chief Executive Officer of GroupM Entertainment where he provides global leadership to GroupM's content production, financing and distribution initiatives. He has overseen the growth of the business, which began in the US, into a true global force with ongoing operations in Canada, EMEA and Asia."
  These interviews contain the opinions and views of the CEOs interviewed, and do not necessarily represent the opinions and views of PwC.


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