Interview with Pertti Korhonen

President and Chief Executive OfficerOutotec Oyj

"...if, for some reason, China’s growth stalls, and Europe continues to struggle with its sovereign debt issue and its recovery slows, and US growth remains sluggish, then of course the world economy would look quite depressing. This is the biggest threat we see."

"When we hear almost daily about catastrophic storms and hurricanes and melting icecaps, the risk scenario I see is that governments focus largely on economic challenges at the expense of the environment. ...It’s critical that sustainability doesn't fall off the agenda."

"Right now we’re experiencing rapid growth. In two years, we expect to double the size of the company. And we expect growth to continue into the near future."

"We see acquisitions as a vehicle to accelerate the implementation of our strategy and continue on our growth curve. We have been doing technology and service company acquisitions. And we will continue to look for further acquisition opportunities."

"We try to make sure our organisational structure is sufficiently fluid so that we can respond quickly to changes in demand. Working this way gives us a lot of flexibility - but at the same time, obliges us to ensure that all of our partners adhere to the high professional and ethical standards we set for ourselves."

"I would say that the issue of corporate responsibility - having a “social licence” to operate - is becoming much more important."

"We would respond by “skating to where the puck is going” - that is, by following the global market as it evolves and develops. We try to make sure that we have flexibility such that we can easily change the emphasis of our business to go after those markets where the growth is."


As part of PwC's 16th Annual Global CEO Survey, we spoke with Pertti Korhonen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Outotec Oyj. In this short video, Pertti talks about the importance of China in the development of the global economy, partnering for agility, and having flexibility in the organisation to be able to respond to change.

Pertti was appointed President and CEO of Outotec Oyj in 2010. Some previous positions held include: CEO, Elektrobit Corporation Plc (2002-2006), Member Nokia Group Executive Board (2002-2006), Chief Technology Officer(2004-2006) and Executive Vice-president(2001-2003), Nokia. Pertti holds a MSc in Electronics Engineering.
  These interviews contain the opinions and views of the CEOs interviewed, and do not necessarily represent the opinions and views of PwC.


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