Interview with Dr. João Bento

Chief Executive OfficerEfacec Capital SGSP SA

"One of the good things about the international presence that we have developed is that while we are reasonably exposed to mature markets we are even more exposed to growth markets. This is especially true for Latin America, Northern Africa and Southern Africa."

"We have chosen to develop seven Efacec markets ... and over the last four to five years we have been streamlining our offer and adapting it to the particular needs of each market."

"We have also been looking at what we see as opportunities for faster growth but which are still very small in our revenue stream and this is associated with totally new areas, emerging areas, where the growth potential is very important."

"We are in fact aligning a number of industrial partnerships, local partnerships, in order to enable additional local incorporation for the products that we sell and we see that as a way to promote and to accelerate our presence, mainly, for example, in Northern Africa."

"...I think that’s geographical diversity and also portfolio diversity is probably something that needs to be done and actively managed for companies to be able to tackle with these sudden changes in economic growth of some of the regions to which they are exposed."

"There is a high perception of risk in Portugal and of course, at the same time, we definitely decided to raise equity. So in our case this means to look for a partner which feels alignment with our international growth projects, which might trust in our recent track record and the ability to growth internationally..."

"...through our technology development, our investment in innovation - R&D and innovation - we’ve been able to renew our portfolio and this is not only to produce consistently updated and newer versions of what we have, but also to open and sometimes close business lines."


As part of PwC's 16th Annual Global CEO Survey, we spoke with Dr. João Bento, Chief Executive Officer of Efacec Capital SGSP SA. In this short video, João talks about opportunities for growth, including partnerships and targeting new markets; and the importance of international expansion for Efacec.


João Bento – 51 years, married, 2 adult children – is the Chief Executive Officer of Efacec (Portugal’s leading electrical power systems industrial provider), the President of COTEC Portugal (Portuguese Association for Corporate Innovation) and the Vice-President of the Engineering Academy, Portugal.

Bento has a Civil Engineering Degree and an MSc in Structural Engineering, both from IST, Lisbon, a PhD in Civil Engineering, from Imperial College, London (and the equivalent Doctoral degree from the Technical University of Lisbon), and holds an Agregação in Intelligent Systems, again from IST. Between 2000 and 2011 he was an Executive Director for Brisa Auto-Estradas de Portugal, were he has initially taken responsibility for the operational restructuring of the company and later became responsible for all business development activities, including diversification and internationalization.

Previously he served in the Boards of Directors of various other companies, such as EDP (the main Portuguese energy utility), Adamastor Capital, Brisatel and Logiser. João Bento is Honorary (and Past) President of the ASECAP (European Association of Tolled Motorways) and was Member of the Board of Directors of the IBTTA (International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association), President of APCAP (the Portuguese Association of Tolled Motorways) and a member of the Advisory Board of InIR (the Portuguese Roads Regulator). He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Portugal-Brazil Foundation, Vice-President of APE – Portuguese Association for Energy and Vice-President of the General Assembly of APGEI – Portuguese Association of Management and Industrial Engineering.

Having derived from an academic career prior to undertaking corporate management positions (a former Full Professor at IST), João Bento maintained until 2011 a regular academic interest as Visiting Full Professor at the Dep. of Civil Eng. & Arch. of IST, having supervised 11 PhD Theses and 15 MSc Theses. He has authored or co-authored more than 160 scientific papers, books or book chapters.

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