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of global communications CEOs plan to initiate either a domestic or cross-border M&A in the coming 12 months.

Communications CEOs are ready to move on the M&A front, all while maintaining a fierce focus on customers

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Communications CEOs remain confident about the next 12 months despite the world's economic challenges. They are hopeful about their company's prospects for growth, are active in the M&A space, and are focused on how to make their customers happy. What else did they tell us?

Confidence in their company's potential for revenue growth
88% of Communications CEOs are very confident or somewhat confident about the revenue growth their companies will generate over the coming year.

Mergers and acquisitions are a key agenda item
61% of Communications CEOs plan to complete a domestic or cross-border M&A in the next 12 months. This follows on an active previous 12 months where 53% of Communications CEOs said they initiated a new strategic alliance or joint venture.

Customer is king
When asked about their priorities for the next 12 months, 47% of Communications CEOs said that they are focused on improving customer service and growing their customer base. The same percentage (47%) indicated that they anticipate a major change when it comes to customer growth, retention, and loyalty strategies.

Concerned about the global economy
Fifty percent of Communications CEOs are concerned about the global economy and 53% say they expect no improvement in the economy over the next 12 months.

CEO interview quotes

"If I look at the half-life of technological change, it’s got shorter and shorter and we have to run faster all the time to retain a competitive position."

Alex Arena
Group Managing Director of HKT Ltd.

"We take disaster recovery not as a box that you tick, in terms of doing your risk assessments, but as a real risk."

Alex Arena
Group Managing Director of HKT Ltd.

"We’re forever reaching deeper into consumers’ homes. So we are developing innovations around smart living and integrating services within the consumer’s home. We diversified from traditional telecoms into pay TV and entertainment, into music. Now we’re diversifying into health services at home, into education services at home and being the IT manager at home. These are the ways that we shore up our revenue and growth possibilities."

Alex Arena
Group Managing Director of HKT Ltd.

"We have had to learn who our customers are, what their propensity to spend is, what their likes and dislikes are. So we are changing all of our customer relationship systems to better understand and serve the customer."

Alex Arena
Group Managing Director of HKT Ltd.

"A significant portion of our investment aims to ensure the stable operation of our networks and backup facilities, and eliminate the potential threat of cyber attacks. We see cyber attack as a credible business threat, but do not treat it as a global one similar to an adverse, large scale economic challenge."

Andrei Dubovskov
President and Chief Executive Officer of MTS OJSC
These interviews contain the opinions and views of the CEOs interviewed, and do not necessarily represent the opinions and views of PwC.


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