of technology CEOs expect key operations to grow in Latin America.
15th Annual Global CEO Survey

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A large majority of technology CEOs are confident that their ability to meet changing customer demands and to innovate quickly will enable their businesses to grow in the next 12 months. Emerging markets are a focal point, and they're looking beyond just the BRICs.

Customer demand key driver of changing strategies. 82% of tech CEOs said it was an influencing factor. Consumer preferences are now shaping the technology decisions in the enterprise, making it critical for tech companies to stay close to the customer.
Top 5 factors influencing strategic changes

Innovation and technology investments will bring growth. 84% of tech CEOs are anticipating changes to their R&D and innovation capacity over the next 12 months in order to compete in a rapidly changing landscape dictated by social, mobile and cloud. 82% included technology investments as well.
Top 5 areas for change over the next 12 months

Looking beyond the BRICs. Latin America and Africa are the top two regions cited for growth by tech CEOs at 83 and 80% respectively. All three areas of Asia came in at a close third, with 79%.
Top 3 regions for tech growth

The right people in the right places. 62% of tech CEOs strive to have both senior and regional management teams comprised of native leaders rather than transfer talent from home countries. But 58% also say they plan to move talent from home markets to new markets to circumvent talent shortages.
Tech CEOs prefer native management teams


Yang Yuanqing

Yang Yuanqing

Chairman and CEO, Lenovo    View profile

We have to greatly enhance our ability in terms of innovation so that we can produce products in the new areas. While we still need to make preparations, our efforts on this in the past few years mean that we will be able to launch couple of waves of innovative products in the next 18 months.

Nancy McKinstry

Andy Green

CEO, Logica Plc    View profile

The most important things we need always are the skills, the right skill sets technically but also increasingly the right business skill sets and sector and geographic understanding of the environment in which our clients operate.

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