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of CEOs express confidence about revenue growth in the next 12 months.
15th Annual Global CEO Survey

Asset management industry insights

Asset Management CEOs remain positive about the next 12 months despite the economic challenges. They see growth in both existing and emerging markets and are seeking to foster talent in-house. What else did they tell us?

Increased focus on existing markets. A third of asset management CEOs view existing markets as the best route to growth by designing products with stable returns and finding ways to deliver high quality advice.
32% of CEOs view existing markets as best route to growth

Emerging markets – growth potential. Over 75% of asset management CEOs intend to grow operations in Asia – especially China. Potential in Africa and Latin America is also identified with growth opportunities in infrastructure and real estate.
Over 75% of CEOs plan to grow operations in Asia, Africa and Latin America

They're seeking growth while cutting costs. In light of the European sovereign debt crisis, 78% of CEOs have cut costs and 66% plan to in the next year.
Focusing on costs

They’re changing their approach to managing risk. 75% of CEOs are changing the way they manage risk in the next year with regulatory risk becoming a key area of focus. 67% of CEOs are concerned about over-regulation.
Regulatory concerns are driving risk management changes

Developing tomorrow’s leaders. Asset management CEOs are taking an increasingly long-term approach to developing talent in-house. 65% say they want to spend more time developing leadership and talent, with 57% highlighting high-potential middle managers as their priority.
65% of CEOs want to spend more time on leadership and talent development

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Baba Kalyani

Managing Director, Bharat Forge Ltd
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Our growth model is based on two to three fundamentals. First, our company’s ability to compete on technology, product and cost: we have created a great deal of focus in our systems on high-technology, high innovation and high quality. These systems create an enduring business. This was the domain of the western world but we have changed that.
The second fundamental is the continuous evaluation of mega-trends in the market. We did that three years ago and found infrastructure, energy and oil and gas to be the clear mega trends in India, so we are participating in those – and we have got into mining commodities too.
For us, automotives is the base business – but it’s also a mega trend in India. My estimate is that in the next 10 years, it will grow to three times the size it is today.
Vineet Nayar

Vice Chairman and CEO, HCL Technology
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We are currently implementing a new governance concept which aims to increase the level of business integration through the creation of global business units, and to develop a strong corporate centre through integration of those key control functions, risks and finance.