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An insight into PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey

  • 39%

    of CEOs are very confident about their company’s growth prospects

  • 78%

    of CEOs are concerned about

  • 1,322

    CEOs interviewed in 77 countries

  • 56%

    of CEOs think cross-sector competition is on the rise

Rethinking the business
you’re in

We live in an era of unprecedented digital change – the type of change that’s reshaping the relationship between customers and companies, breaking down the walls between industry sectors and, by extension, prompting forward-thinking CEOs to question the very business they’re in.

Watch this short video to hear about what CEOs had to say on the global economic outlook and their own growth prospects for the months and years ahead.

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Dennis M Nally

Chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited

What do world business leaders have to say about today’s issues?

We conducted in-depth interviews with 33 CEOs around the world. Watch their individual videos to hear their views on key events, trends and issues shaping business decision-making today.

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This year’s key themes

To find growth in the marketplace without boundaries, business leaders will need to create new value in new ways through digital transformation; enhance their capabilities by developing diverse and dynamic partnerships; and find different ways of thinking and doing, supported by a rich and varied talent pool. More than anything, though, they’ll have to develop a flexible vision that allows them to pinpoint their company’s strengths even as their customers, sectors and markets change in front of their eyes.

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Growth, but not as we know it

61% of CEOs see more opportunities today than there were three years ago

Denise Ramos

“There’s a lot of volatility and change taking place, and what’s important ... is that companies are structured in such a way that they can deal with any type of uncertainty or economic situation...”

Denise Ramos

Chief Executive Officer and President of ITT Corporation

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Rethinking your business in a marketplace without boundaries

56% of CEOs think cross-sector competition is on the rise

John Neal

“I think you've got to look at the disrupters and see what you can learn from them, because they often come in with some very smart innovation... I see disrupters as part of how we make sense of how we evolve as a business.”

John Neal

CEO of QBE Group

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Creating new value in new ways through digital transformation

81% of CEOs see mobile technologies as being strategically important for their organisation

Kimmo Alkio Tieto

“I believe the magnitude of change we will be experiencing through digitalisation is in the same category as the Industrial Revolution...”

Kimmo Alkio

President & CEO of Tieto

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Developing diverse and dynamic partnerships

47% of CEOs say access to new technologies is a top-three reason for partnering

Joaquin Duato

“In every area of business today, partnering and working with other parties is critical for progress ... We work together with partners to improve every single capability that we have.”

Joaquin Duato

Worldwide Chairman, Pharmaceuticals, of Johnson & Johnson

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Finding different ways of thinking and working

85% of CEOs who have a diversity & inclusiveness strategy say it's enhanced performance

DR Vishal Sikka

"Design thinking teaches us that great products and solutions come when there is a synthesis of lots of different kinds of perspectives, and when we are diverse we create the opportunity for that rich synthesis of great perspectives. The more diverse we are, the better we will all be."

Dr. Vishal Sikka

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Infosys

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“I don't know of any way of managing a disruption other than to be the creator of it.”

Rajiv Bajaj
Managing Director of Bajaj Auto Limited
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