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It’s all about information

It’s all about information


of CEOs see mobile technologies as being strategically important
for their organisation

CEO interview quotes

“We have been a leader for many years in mobile technology and we are continuing to develop for the mobile phone: it’s the device that everybody has and increasingly wants to use for their banking and financial services needs. If you’re not connecting onto that device, you’re just not going to be in this marketplace.”
“We believe that if you want to be successful in the new digital economy, you have to turn thinking around and start from the customer's problem, and then work your way back to the machines and the service packages and all the way to the individual sensors, if you will, in the equipment.”
“How many customers actually use this data that’s coming at them to make better decisions, particularly in real time? The answer is not very many. So that’s an enormous opportunity.”
“… we are going to create a new level of ‘Global Dairy Excellence’ to be the best at understanding consumers and their worlds. We will need a group of whizz kids there who are the best and brightest in the world of social media. Because that’s the end game – if you can create that movement, and your brand is part of it, that’s the new world.”
“Mobile and Data Analytics are already and will become even more important for our business.”
“The technologies that interest us are those that allow us to get closer to the client… I am very interested in knowing where they are heading and what they are interested in. Therefore I am utterly intrigued by the technology that brings us closer to them. Especially the technology that allows us to tell our story...”

Key findings

CEOs are in no doubt about the role information can play in gaining insight about customers and how to engage with them. The sheer ubiquity of mobile devices today has revolutionised customers’ ability to obtain information – which has, in turn, transformed how they perceive value and the type of relationships they want to have with companies. So it’s understandable why 81% of CEOs see mobile technologies for customer engagement as most strategically important for their organisation. Data mining and analysis, meanwhile, allows companies to create the type of relationships their customers want – so it’s small wonder that 80% of CEOs cite this as strategically important.

CEOs want to see a strong connection between digital investments and business objectives. 86% say a clear vision of how digital technologies can create competitive advantage is key to the success of their investments. 83% say the same for having a well thought-out plan for digital investments that includes concrete measures of success. But CEOs also know it can’t happen without them: 86% think it’s important that they themselves champion the use of digital technologies.

The central role of information places cyber security squarely on the CEO agenda. With vast quantities of their information readily accessible around the clock, customers expect a certain amount of privacy and confidentiality. But the increasing frequency of high-profile security breaches has raised concerns for customers and businesses alike. 61% of CEOs are worried about cyber security compared with 48% a year ago. So it’s no surprise that 78% see cyber security technologies as strategically important for their business.

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