Transforming business: 17th Annual Global CEO Survey (2014)

CEOs think three fundamental external forces will have the most impact on their businesses over the next five years: technological advances, demographic changes and global economic shifts. These trends aren’t new, but what’s changed is the pace at which they’re unfolding and the way they’re colliding to create a completely different environment. The implications for businesses are profound. There will be many new opportunities for growth – and many new challenges – in three key areas: harnessing technology to create value in totally new ways; capitalising on demographic shifts to develop tomorrow’s workforce; and serving consumers in a new economic landscape.

Creating value in new ways

How are CEOs looking to create value in new ways through changes in areas like technology, R&D and innovation capacity, and big data?

Developing tomorrow’s workforce

How are CEOs dealing with one of their biggest challenges today: finding and securing the workforce of tomorrow?

Serving the new consumers

How are CEOs looking to serve new consumers who are evolving in different ways in different markets?


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