Interview with Shigetaka Komori

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation

I think there is no CEO in the world who would answer your question by saying they have "no confidence" in growth.

The world economy contains a variety of risks and is very unstable… this is not going to change the basic trend that the world economy keeps growing, although gradually.

We are focusing on increasing market share by improving product performance and raising competitiveness. As a result, we will be able to aim for growth that is higher than the world growth rate.

The biggest issue on earth is health... In the medical care area, there are just too many problems and illnesses that are left unsolved. Even after all the innovations we’ve seen, as many more innovations are still required in the medical care area.

People are always looking for a better life. They always want better products, foods and clothes than yesterday, today and tomorrow. Recessions and various other problems may arise sporadically, but I believe that the economic risks are mostly manageable.

In principle, a company needs to be fair and honest with society. A company needs to face up squarely to society, and provide good products in a fair manner. The most faithless thing a company can do is to put fraudulent or low-quality products on the market. After all, product performance and reliability matter most.

When I was appointed president charged with the task of rebuilding the company, I trembled with excitement. I recall telling myself: "Come on, sock it to me. I have been waiting for this challenge. I was born to do this." Yes, I want to be remembered as "the top manager who had the courage to push through reforms."

Born: September 5, 1939
Shigetaka Komori is Chairman & CEO of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation. After graduating from The University of Tokyo with a degree in Economics, Komori joined Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.(now FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation) in 1963. He has extensive experiences mainly in graphic systems business and recording media products business. After serving as Managing Director of Fuji Photo Film (Europe) GmbH from 1996 until 2000, he became President, Representative Director of Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd in 2000. In 2003 he was appointed President and CEO.
Faced with the development of digitalization, Shigetaka Komori succeeded in the management reform and a dynamic transformation of business. He accomplished the V-shaped recovery in performance by focusing on the growing business fields such as LCD display materials and medical equipments.
Shigetaka Komori has also been Chairman of the board of Governors of Japan Broadcasting Corporation from 2007 until 2008, and now is President of Japan-Germany Society and The Japan-Netherlands Society.

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