Interview with Matti Alahuhta

President & CEO Kone

The economy continues to be in different phases in different continents. The development of the economy in Asia looks solid. The economy in the United States is in gradual recovery and improving, and I believe that will continue. But there are also definitely uncertainties in the US. The difficulty is Europe.

[An] important megatrend, is the growing importance of environmental requirements. This means that cities will increasingly grow upwards [and] this brings opportunities to us.

Our business approach is based on the advantage that we are a truly global company and that we are strong both in the equipment business and the services business.

For every company that is targeting global leadership and is active in equipment and services, it is very important for several reasons to be able to develop something revolutionary every now and then.

In the equipment business, our approach is based on our vision ‘Kone delivers the best people flow experience’. This vision is making it more and more possible for us to get all our people, more than 40,000 all over the world, to see our company through the eyes of users of our products and our customers.

I think that it is becoming more important that every company has a bigger purpose. That purpose has to be defined in a very simple way so that it is easy for everyone to understand – and when it is easy to understand, then it has a positive impact on the company’s drive and direction.

KONE, one of the global leaders in the elevator and escalator industry, was founded in 1910. Matti Alahuhta has been a member of the Board since 2003, President of KONE Corporation since 2005, and President & CEO since 2006. Prior to this he served as Executive Vice President of Nokia Corporation 2004, as President of Nokia Mobile Phones 1998–2003 and as President of Nokia Telecommunications 1993–1998.

Current key positions of trust: Chairman of the Board of Outotec Corporation, Chairman of the Board of the Aalto University Foundation, Vice Chairman of the Board of the Confederation of Finnish Industries, and member of the Board of UPM Kymmene Corporation and of the Foundation Board of the International Institute for Management Development (IMD, Switzerland).

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