Interview with Juan Pablo Calvo

CEO Nuevatel PCS de Bolivia (VIVA)

We’re seeing access to the universe of data becoming more and more accessible and affordable, and the consumer is becoming more sophisticated in what they get out of it.

We see demographic shifts, from rural to cities. It's not the same case for the US and Europe but it is for developing countries. In China, India, Brazil or Bolivia, the developing nation’s rural people are moving to urban centres looking for a better life.

The world of data and how we treat customers, how we teach customers, how we develop new products is all completely different from how it was in the past.

Our structure is changing dramatically – our distribution channels have evolved from a voice service sales point to data-learning and experience centers. It’s about ensuring people can see, experience the opportunities and get most benefit from global data communications…

Juan Pablo Calvo is the CEO of Nuevatel P.C.S de Bolivia S.A. since 2010 and Vice President of Business Development for Trylogy International Partners since 2008.  Previously, he operated as CEO for Millicom in Bolivia. He also worked as a Senior Consultant for Global Telecommunications & Investment Group LLC for the drafting of the PCS Business Model for Colombia, and for Western Wireless providing advice about the Bolivian telecommunications market. With over 19 years of experience he understands the challenges of the global mobile industry.
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