Interview with Juan Béjar

CEO Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC)

I would say that the 'smart city' concept and integrated urban services management contracts are the most relevant issues, although the real revolution is going to come in the way in which business is managed.

I never tire of saying that debt is the greatest structural cost there is.

We need people to accept this mobility challenge, people who can commit to and engage with this idea. The companies that manage to solve this problem will be those with the biggest growth and those that create the most value.

Investment occurs in competitive economies with an attractive and secure legal system and competitive taxation etc. If all these elements are in place, you’ll attract stable currency, you’ll attract investment and the country will grow and create employment.

The spiral of change is speeding up. Leaders of society and institutions should communicate this new state of constant change in the world and live accordingly, so that they can lead from an awareness of this change.

Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC) is a construction and environmental services company, based in Spain. Juan Béjar has been with the FCC Group since July 2009, when he was appointed Executive Chairman of Globalvia, an infrastructure concession company owned jointly with Bankia. In February 2012, he also became Chairman and CEO of Cementos Portland Valderrivas. Mr Béjar graduated in Law and Business Administration from Comillas Pontificial University. His career began at Hisalba, a subsidiary of Holderbank, which was the world’s leading cement producer at the time. He worked for two years at Empresa Nacional de Autopistas S.A. (ENASA), before returning to Holderbank (currently Holcim) to set up its new international division, UMAR. He joined the Ferrovial Group in 1991 and was the CEO of the Infrastructure division and subsequently of Cintra until 2007. He moved to London in June 2007 to take charge of Citigroup Infrastructure Management Company.

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