Interview with Jean-Dominique Senard

Chief Executive Officer Michelin Group

Our confidence in Michelin's growth is fairly high. We are currently in a period of growth and have pulled through the crisis we experienced in 2009-2010. On the whole growth has picked up, despite us having projected and reported fairly stable results so far in 2013, for a range of reasons linked to the complexities of our different markets.

There is now the rise of non-BRIC emerging countries, such as Indonesia, which represent very promising markets for the car industry. These countries should continue to experience significant growth over the coming years.

Structurally speaking, agriculture is an incredible driver for growth: in just a few years' time there will be eight billion people to feed, which means that the market for tractor tyres will follow accordingly. 

We view regulations as an opportunity. Michelin's aim is to contribute to the development of mankind. These are not empty words, as we believe the world and the mobility can benefit from our product, the tyre, particularly through its eco-friendly focus.

The ultimate risk is that the world's economies, particularly mature countries, end up falling apart due to poor debt management. There has been talk of this issue for 15 years. It is now becoming extremely severe and could end up having serious consequences. We do not want that.

For us, the subject of the environment is both a real issue and an opportunity. An increase in the pace of things could be really advantageous for us in that tyre performance will be hugely affected. Transport represents around 18% of fossil fuel-related CO2 emissions. Of this 18%, tyres alone represent 4 points!

Jean-Dominique Senard is a graduate of France’s HEC business school. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Law. He began his career in various financial and operational positions with Total, from September 1979 to September 1987, then with Saint Gobain, from 1987 to 1996. From September 1996 to March 2001, he was Chief Financial Officer of Péchiney and a member of its Group Executive Council. He was also head of Péchiney’s Primary Metal sector until 2004. As a member of Alcan’s Executive Committee, he was in charge of integrating Péchiney and served as Chairman of Péchiney SA. Jean-Dominique Senard joined Michelin in March 2005 as Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Michelin Group Executive Council. In May 2007, he was appointed Managing Partner of the Michelin Group. During the Group’s 2011 Annual Meeting of Shareholders on May 13, 2011, Jean-Dominique Senard was appointed Managing General Partner of the Michelin Group alongside Michel Rollier. Since May 11, 2012, Jean-Dominique Senard has succeeded Michel Rollier as Chief Executive Officer of the Michelin Group. Jean-Dominique Senard was born on March 7, 1953. He is married and has three children.

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