Interview with Hiroo Unoura

President & CEO Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)

The population of Japan turned to decline recently and this can be a risk to the B2C business model of communications providers. However, some of our customers may rather regard it as an opportunity for their business. If we can provide B2B services to companies like them, we also stand to benefit a great deal from their business opportunity.

The Japanese equivalent to trust, ‘shinrai’, combines belief and dependence, and seems to have strong connotations of being a one-way affair. In contrast, the English word ‘trust’ seems to have interactive connotations. It is important to build up mutually trusting relationships, as the word ‘trust’ implies.

Looking at our customers, what they expect us to do to meet their expectations is to become their partner capable of helping them transform their lifestyle and business model.

Our mission is to create partnerships with companies, working together to help them overcome difficulties. We believe that our customers' growth will eventually result in a better economy, so we will support them with all our might.

I would like to do the kind of work that will make future generations of people appreciate that I made the right decisions at the right time.

Hiroo Unoura is President and CEO of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT).
Unoura joined NTT in 1973. Since then he was engaged in traffic operation management, sales promotion, and human resource management including labor relations, and corporate strategy planning and implementation.
Unoura became Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Strategy Department in 2002. He was named Senior Vice President, Head of New Business Promotion Office, and President of NTT Investment Partners in 2008. Unoura played a major role in planning and promoting NTT Group’s Medium-Term Management Strategy, focusing on FTTH and mobile broadband service development and NGN (Next Generation Network) vision released in 2004, accelerating transformation from traditional network career business to global IP-based solution company as a “Service Creation Business Group” released in 2008, and executing acquisitions of Dimension Data plc. in 2010 and Centerstance Inc. in 2012.
In June 2012, Unoura took up the position of President and CEO. He has been taking the initiative in developing a new vision, “Towards the Next Stage” released in 2012, introducing a concept of a “Value Partner” for supporting customers’ transformation through offering global cloud services.
He received his B.A. in Law from the University of Tokyo in 1973.

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