Interview with Donatella Treu

CEO Il Sole 24 Ore SpA

Our company is more and more a business that produces value for the customer. This is very tangible value, because we provide service information. So, I think that our company can have more chance of growing – even in the near future – because we are getting good results from the digital revolution.

The big threat that we have to face is the economic recovery, and let me say we also have the political situation.

Today, the key priority is to have in the company all the infrastructure that can allow us to follow the digital revolution.

[The government’s priorities should be] to reduce tax, to try to better support innovation, and to find solutions to help young people join our company.

Born in Milan, with a degree in Economics and Commerce from Bocconi University, she started her career in Ipsoa Editore (well known Milanese publishers) in 1982. Following the acquisition of Ipsoa by the international publishing group Wolters Kluwer, she soon became Group Publishing Manager, General Manager and then CEO. In 2009 she was appointed Regional Manager for Central Europe and Russia and she became CEO of the Global Legal & Regulatory Division. Since March 2010 she is Chief Executive Officer of 24 ORE Group where her mission is to strengthen internal synergies between: newspapers, radio, professional magazines and online media. Through an intense cultural and managerial change she directs the Group towards a more flexible and efficient management of business processes. She supports the research and development of products and services through digital technologies. She strengthens the position of the brand 24Ore as a point of reference for professionals, companies and finance. She serves on the Board of Directors of ANSA, of Audipress, of the Foundation for the Memorial of the fallen for Peace and is treasurer of FIEG, (Italian Federation of Newspaper Editors) and member of the Scientific Committee of the Association “Prospera”. Energy, passion, innovation, optimism and an innate sense of leadership characterise her personality and the management style of both company and employees.
Her hobbies are skiing, football and cooking, but her main passion is and remains her family: she has two daughters to whom she devotes all her free time, despite numerous commitments. She is responsible for the Marisa Bellisario Foundation in Lombardy and is a member of the Italian Chapter of Women Corporate Directors.

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