Interview with CHEN Long

Chairman China Resources Enterprise, Limited

Investments and exports remain the key drivers of China’s growth for the time being. Present indications in the industry show that domestic consumption has not yet fully taken shape to be a major force.

E-commerce has a tremendous impact on us because it changes consumer behaviour and spending, which is a very important factor.

It is a fact that consumer behaviour and spending patterns have changed. It is paramount for retailers to take heed of consumers’ changing behaviours and identify ways to meet their needs.

My personal view is that, at the moment, organic growth is necessary in many aspects and therefore it is critical to have the right partner in a strategic alliance.

I plan ahead for only the next five years, not any further because there are just too many changes. For the same reason, the Central Government also plans in five-year periods. Even in a five-year period, there will be many things that are difficult to see through and predict. Therefore, taking a three- to five-year view is more logical

China Resources Enterprise, Limited operates four business segments in their organisation: Retail, Beer, Food and Beverage. Mr. Chen Long was appointed Chairman of the Board in August 2012 and prior to this he was CEO from January 2009 to August 2012. In addition he currently holds a number of other executive positions across various divisions after first joining the organisation in 1986. Mr. Chen holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from Anhui University, China and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of San Francisco, USA.

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