Interview with Badr Jafar

Managing Director Crescent Group

The biggest challenge today, which can also be seen as an opportunity, is the fact that in our region we have a huge youth bulge with over 50% of our population under the age of 24.

I think the only way in a steady state is to create and build up a robust, small to medium-sized enterprise base because, if you go around the world, you’ll see that SMEs are the largest employers in the economy. Up to 60% of employment generation comes from the SME space.

Business leaders today have to think more broadly and think beyond profits and the bottom line and move towards the triple bottom line thinking: how their business is affecting not just profits, but also the people (the social impact), and the planet. So, the three Ps as it were.

Why is generating trust important? Because people who trust you work with you more, they buy your products, they lend you money and, as a result, you do better as a business.

I’m optimistic that we have the solutions and technological advancements in place to deal with our global challenges and in a way that cuts across borders, very broadly.

The vast majority of the growth is going to come from what people sometimes refer to as emerging markets but we prefer to call [them] global growth markets because these are the markets that are going to have the greatest global growth.

Mr. Badr Jafar is Managing Director of Crescent Group, a 42 year old family business group headquartered in the UAE. He is the President of Crescent Petroleum, the Group’s oil & gas subsidiary, overseeing all business development for the Company. He is also the the CEO of Crescent Enterprises, the Group’s multi-sector conglomerate. He serves as the Chairman of Gas Cities LLC and Pearl Petroleum. Badr Jafar attended Eton College and graduated from Cambridge University with a Master's Degree in Engineering and a Business Degree from the Judge Business School of Cambridge University. He is active in a variety of other industries regionally and internationally including, shipping - serving as the Vice-Chairman of Gulftainer Ltd (UAE) and private equity - serving as a Board Member of GrowthGate Capital (Bahrain) and The Abraaj Group (UAE). Mr. Jafar was honoured as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and is Vice-Chair of their Global Agenda Council on Energy Security.

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