David Thodey, CEO, Telstra
Mikhail Slobodin, CEO, VimpelCom Russia
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Communications industry CEOs are looking to product and service innovation to drive their companies forward. They’re somewhat or very concerned about their company’s ability to keep up with the speed of technological change. And they’re looking to strategic alliances or joint ventures to propel growth.

Communications industry CEOs are looking to innovate.
Communications industry CEOs know they need to innovate. Product/service innovation was selected by 41% of communications respondents when asked what they see as the main opportunity to grow their business (as compared with 35% of respondents from the global sample). And 49% of Communications industry CEOs said developing an innovation ecosystem that supports growth is a priority over the next three years.

Restructuring activities are top of mind.
In the last twelve months 62% of Communications industry CEOs entered into a strategic alliance or joint venture, compared with 34% from the global sample. More activity is on the horizon: 54% of Communications CEOs say they plan to enter into a new strategic alliance or joint venture in the coming twelve months.

The communications industry never sits still
When asked “what is your current planning time horizon?” 56% of communications industry CEOs answered “three years”. The industry is changing too quickly to predict what will happen in just five years.

The economy is getting better (but wait until 2017).
72% of Communications industry CEOs are somewhat or very confident about their company’s prospects for revenue growth over the next twelve months. However, when asked about their confidence level about their company’s prospects for growth over the next three years, a stunning 90% said they are somewhat or very confident.

62% of Communications CEOs are somewhat or extremely concerned that the speed of technological change could threaten growth vs. 44% from the global sample.

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Communications CEOs are concerned about the speed of technological change, other business risks

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CEO interview quotes

"The telecommunications industry is an exciting industry. I’ve never known a period of greater demand for our services. The amount of information we carry on our networks now is doubling nearly every year and I can’t think of another industry with that sort of growth rate."

David Thodey
CEO, Telstra

"Our mission is to create partnerships with companies, working together to help them overcome difficulties. We believe that our customers' growth will eventually result in a better economy, so we will support them with all our might."

Hiroo Unoura
President & CEO, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)

“Customers are important to me. They pay our salaries. We need to understand that it is not just sim-cards that we sell. These are real people with different needs and problems. Our task is to minimise their problems as much as we can. This is our key focus.”

Mikhail Slobodin
CEO, VimpelCom Russia

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