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Public sector

Government and the Global CEO: Fit for their Futures?
PwC’s Annual Global CEO survey gives business leaders and governments across the world a unique insight into the vision and decisions of the global CEO. As in past years, we have extended and deepened the research for PwC’s 17th Annual Global CEO Survey by including a selection of interviews with senior decision-makers in governmental organisations across the world.

Get fit for the future through digital transformation.
Technological advances are seen as the most important global trend which will transform business, with 81% of CEOs surveyed naming this as a top-three trend. And its transformative impact ranks even higher with CEOs running organisations with state backing at 86%.

Affordable government is the new reality. If government and public sector organisations are to put the fiscal issue finally to bed, the challenge is to adjust to this new reality by becoming more productive - ‘doing more for less’ (or ‘doing less for less’) - and get fit for the future while focusing on the outcomes that society needs and wants.

Deliver growth through collaboration.
Building a platform for growth and competitiveness requires public sector leadership to facilitate collaboration across the public, private, not-for-profit and university sectors with a focus on infrastructure, innovation and skills.

To reduce deficits, governments at all levels must balance public service reform and cost cutting with investments to create growth. The financial crisis demonstrated the risk of economic imbalances and going for growth at any cost and the need to drive growth which is financially, socially and environmentally sustainable – good growth.

Restore trust through engagement.
Nearly a third (31%) of CEOs stated that they perceive the level of trust government and regulators have in their sector has deteriorated over the last five years.

In our report last year we argued for a new contract between business and the state in order improve relationships and drive good growth, with a shift needed in mind-sets from coexistence to a real spirit of partnership on both sides in order to deliver better outcomes for business and society.

71%of CEOs remain nervous about government responses to fiscal deficit and debt

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72%of CEOs surveyed see over-regulation as a key threat to growth.