Talent – new challenges ahead

17th Annual Global CEO Survey

Talent – new challenges ahead

Businesses and their leaders face some pressing questions about their future talent pipelines and human capital strategy. Global megatrends are changing the talent landscape at the same time that the global economy regains its confidence and looks towards growth. CEOs are well aware of the extraordinary challenges ahead but seem less certain about how to tackle them. Explore this issue further.

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The past few years have tested the world’s CEOs to their limit. The global recession, economic crisis and constant redrawing of the economic map have demanded truly extraordinary leadership. Our 17th Annual Global CEO Survey at last sees the world’s leaders in a more optimistic frame of mind.

The mood has shifted from survival to growth. But this doesn’t mean that CEOs have space to breathe – capitalising on opportunities will be far from easy. The rules have changed.

Megatrends such as technological development, demographic change and urbanisation are transforming the world, and the business landscape along with it. At the same time, the relationship between corporations and their stakeholders has shifted and fundamental questions are being asked about the purpose and nature of business.

It’s clear that the implications for talent management are profound. This is no time for tinkering at the edges; the magnitude of the changes underway mean that a fundamental rethink is needed.

Time isn’t on their side. CEOs have led their organisations through the toughest of years but the fight isn’t over. The most successful organisations will be those that learn quickly how to harness the opportunities and minimise the risks brought by megatrends. The age of crisis management is over – now it’s time for transformational change. Find out more.


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