17th Annual Global CEO Survey

18th Annual Global CEO Survey

The marketplace without boundaries


An introduction from Dennis Nally

Chairman of the PwC network introduces this year's Annual Global CEO Survey.

Dennis Nally
PwC International Ltd.


What do 1,300 CEOs worldwide say about today's business challenges and opportunities?


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18th Global CEO Survey

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19 January 2016



PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey, now in its eighteenth year, aims to inform and stimulate the debate on how businesses are facing today’s challenges. Over the years, thousands of CEOs around the world have taken the time to share their views with us.

This year’s survey looks at how business leaders are finding new ways to compete in an era of unprecedented digital change. Our latest report, A marketplace without boundaries? Responding to disruption, explores three implications of this changing competitive landscape for CEOs: they need to understand how to create new value in new ways through digital transformation; develop diverse and dynamic partnerships; and find different ways of thinking and working. And to succeed, business leaders will have to show vision and flexibility in thinking, and superb powers of listening and learning to make clear, informed decisions.

We launched the survey findings on 20 January 2015, on the eve of the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Watch Dennis Nally, Chairman of PwC International Ltd., reveal the key findings from the survey in a live webcast from Davos.

Throughout the year, our CEO pulse polls a panel of nearly 2,000 CEOs to provide a temperature gauge of global CEO sentiment on a variety of topical business issues. Follow the discussion on the CEO agenda as it continues over at our CEO insights blog. You can also explore the latest CEO confidence levels which we regularly track in our quarterly CEO confidence check.

More insights from the CEO Survey:


Taxing times for global business

Despite evidence that governments around the world are reducing tax costs and compliance burdens, these efforts aren’t being felt by CEOs. What’s behind the mismatch?

CEO capabilities: What’s needed to be tomorrow’s CEO?

What did CEOs in our 18th Annual Global CEO Survey name as the one capability that tomorrow’s leaders will need in order to succeed?

People strategy for the digital age: A new take on talent

As the digital revolution reshapes the way we live our lives and the way we work, we explore how CEOs can build a people strategy for the digital age.

Risk and growth but not as we know it

In the current environment of rapidly shifting and often disruptive trends, how can CEOs not only prepare for risk, but capitalise on the opportunity that often accompanies it?

Government and the Global CEO: Delivering outcomes, creating value

Explore the policy and public sector delivery responses needed for the challenging conditions facing business today and tomorrow.

Private companies: Anything but business as usual

Where do private company CEOs see opportunities to grow their business, and where do they think competition will come from?

Key talent findings in the financial services sector: A new take on talent

As industry transformation and disruption gather pace, financial services CEOs are more concerned than ever about the limited availability of key skills.

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