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240,000 students around the world have ranked PwC the number one professional services network of firms globally, and the second most attractive employer for business students, after Google, in the Universum 'World's Most Attractive Employer' annual ranking for 2015.

The World’s Most Attractive Employer ranking is compiled from Universum’s national student surveys from the world’s twelve largest economies. Students share information about employers they perceive as being ideal, and what they are looking for in their future careers.

“The 2015 World’s Most Attractive Employers confirms that Millennials will go to work for companies whose stories they can tell, whose values they can espouse and whose businesses they can learn. These students told us that in their work environments, they are seeking platforms for their own performance and growth. And they told us which companies are accomplishing this.”

CEO of Universum, Petter Nylander

“At PwC, it’s important for us to be creating leaders at all levels of the business, and for our people to be able to think, learn and develop together – personally and professionally. We are working hard to attract, nurture and develop the right people for our business. We know that personal growth is one of their biggest priorities, so it is very rewarding to see that students around the world are recognising this too.”

PwC Vice Chairwoman, Global HC Leader Nora Wu 

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