Building intelligent infrastructures

Carter Pate “Infrastructure is transforming. For many reasons the time is right to seize opportunities. The organizations that succeed going forward will be those that start planning today for sustainable improvements.”

Carter Pate, Global & US capital projects & infrastructure leader

Infrastructure is clearly at a moment of transformation and promise. Scientific and industrial advances are solving problems and opening doors we wouldn’t have dreamed possible a few years ago. In fact, it’s hard to imagine dealing with continuing globalization, urbanization, population growth, mass migration or the control of modern networked risks without adequate, up-to-date infrastructure paving the way toward the future. Old economies need to rethink, repair and revitalize. New economies need to handle staggering population growth. And with much of the world seeking to put the economic downturn firmly into the past, infrastructure transformation offers a real chance to build jobs and to fuel ongoing prosperity.

Every dollar invested in infrastructure has the potential to yield manyfold returns for governments, businesses and citizens. And that is what the promise of infrastructure is all about. It is more important than ever that governments and their taxpayers build intelligent infrastructures, taking a long-term perspective on infrastructure investment that is in keeping with a city’s plans for growth and development. To deliver on the promised value of infrastructure investments, leaders must manage these projects to deliver value to stakeholders, manage risk and minimise inefficiency.

At PwC we’re privileged to play a role in many of these developments through our work with governments, policymakers and corporations worldwide. Our goal is to help clients in both the public and the private sectors to build intelligent infrastructures and to navigate the complexity and risk in order to pursue their programs with confidence. We invite you to view our Featured Projects.