Managing business performance

The metrics that matter

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The metrics that matter

More than ever before, organisations are seeking new performance management solutions to aid decision making. Successfully implementing a new performance management programme requires an approach that flows from a strategic plan, measures progress against carefully defined goals and rewards employees for behaviour and actions that meet those goals and support the strategy.

A good CPM (Corporate performance management) programme is not a technical fix, a mere adjustment to the management information programme. It is a new way of using information to get things done. It represents significant change for an organisation, so success requires a strategy-based approach, strong leadership and sensitive change management skills. Most attempts to install a CPM programme will be resisted by some managers or employees, who see the change as threatening or unnecessary, and many a CPM launch has been wrecked on the shoals of such resistance.

Clients know "what gets measured gets done". This paper offers practical suggestions that will help overcome resistance and win support.

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