Transaction Banking Compass

Transaction banking is evolving from a stand-alone activity to one that's a valuable and strategic component of the overall banking relationship with key customer segments. But certain challenges — like financial crises and regulation — are impacting it. Our series of publications point out the issues you need to know about to ensure effective and secure servicing of customer transactional needs in your organisation.

Current issue: Managing for performance: Reshaping your business to take advantage of the shift in global commerce, clearing and customer needs.

The key question is no longer whether or even how transaction banking has been transformed, but how to re-engage with customers, how to respond to their changing needs and how to generate sufficient returns in this new business environment. In ‘Managing for performance’, we look at what different customers’ most value and how banks can make the most of the resulting opportunities and value potential.

Members of our global transaction banking team have written a series of articles, examining how banks can manage the transaction banking business and various customer segments to optimise performance.

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