Driving value: Automotive M&A insights 2011

This publication explores global automotive transactions and key trends within the global automotive sector, including:

  • A review of 2011 automotive deal activity among vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, vehicle financiers, and other related sectors.
  • Key trends that impacted the deal market include: pent up demand driven by the stabilization of major automotive markets, macro-economic factors such as declining GDP forecasts, Europe's sovereign debt crisis, inflation in China, and slowed growth in light vehicle assembly volumes.
  • A look at the transaction activity by sector and region.
  • Outlook for increased automotive deal activity in 2012 and beyond is contingent upon the easing of certain macroeconomic pressures. Nonetheless, strategic buyers with strong balance sheets, Private Equity with uninvested cash and aging portfolios, growth in emerging markets as well as the focus on new technology all signal the markets' readiness.