Regulation, financial reporting, and corporate governance: A PwC Global Audit & Assurance business briefing

The extent of the regulatory measures being considered around the world today—most of them in response to the financial crisis—is unparalleled.

Some of the proposed measures, which generally cover corporate governance, audit and corporate reporting, are quite radical. We believe that if enacted, even in part, they would change the reporting and regulatory environment in which companies operate.

While their impact would be significant, the majority of these proposals and draft regulations are in the early stages of their consultation or approval processes. That’s why we encourage all stakeholders—including companies and board members, to understand what is being proposed—and to participate in the debate.

We created this briefing to help you understand—and to offer our point of view on—the wide range of regulatory actions, initiatives and draft legislation now being undertaken or considered within the European Union and the United States and beyond.