Carbon reporting - The future for climate change and greenhouse gas emissions reporting

‘Typico’ is a ground-breaking carbon emissions reporting model that provides an illustrative example for business on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions reporting.

It has been developed by PwC to help companies interpret reporting guidelines such as those from  the Climate Disclosure Standards Board.

The model is based on a fictitious UK listed technology company, Typico plc, producing consumer durables and IT products with operations in Asia, UK and the US. It illustrates how to report the strategy, targets, performance and benchmarking of how the company is working to reduce its impact on and adapt to climate change.

It is the first report of its kind to demonstrate how reporting on emissions connects financial and non-financial data to see the value and impact of carbon emissions on a business. Information presented in this context will more accurately reflect the real risks – and opportunities – that climate change presents.

Following the UK government’s launch of the world’s first legally binding carbon budget, aimed at achieving an 80% reduction of carbon emissions by 2050, the dawn of mandatory reporting for a large number of companies is fast approaching. Other territories are also starting to take similar steps.