Reporting leadership

Online reporting

Changing legislation and increasing investor awareness are creating a pull for more – and better – online reporting. It's no longer good enough to post a hard copy report on the website and hope for the best.

These days companies have to carefully manage their entire reporting process, and this is particularly true when it comes to reporting online. Poorly managed online communication can do more than present a bad impression of a company and its management. Through online media, bad press or negative market reactions can go viral in an instant. And when it does, the genie can't be put back in the bottle very easily.

We’ve looked at what investors (both private and institutional) want from online reporting and how that can be put into practice. See the online version of the Generico annual report.

Executive remuneration

Few topics in the field of corporate reporting have generated as much interest—and controversy—as executive remuneration, especially in the aftermath of the economic downturn.

This clearly affects decisions that you and your colleagues make, since all your stakeholders—especially shareholders, vendors and business partners, as well as analysts and the capital markets—are now taking a keen interest in how your executive remuneration committee arrived at its decisions and most importantly, how it aligns your interests with those of your shareholders.

At PwC we've spent a good deal of time and energy examining these issues, alongside representatives from CIMA and Radley Yeldar. Together we've distilled our thinking into a publication that can provide you with practical ideas for improving the communication of executive reward by focusing on better disclosure and presentation of key information—and the adaptation of emerging best practice. Our aim is to make this reporting area more understandable to users, not to influence the way executive reward is structured.