Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe® 2014 - "Real estate returns"

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Confidence has returned to real estate markets and Europe is once again the place to do business.

Allocations to prime real estate among European debt providers and equity investors are expected to continue rising in a sustained, albeit gradual, opening up of capital markets over 2014.

Recovery is under way, and investments are back on track. That’s the message that the European real estate industry is sending this year. (Chapter 3 includes the following article: Demographic ageing is changing our society. We read all about the consequences of this trend for our health and pension systems. But what do population changes have in store for real estate markets? Professor Dirk Brounen explores European cities in search of an answer.)

Three years ago, sustainability made its way into Emerging Trends Europe as a brief footnote, as most interviewees dismissed its economic function. But between then and now, the industry has come a long way.

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