A&D Insights: Accelerating global growth

Most companies agree that their firms would benefit from increasing the pace of globalisation, but a number of challenges are slowing their efforts. These include the expansion of offset requirements, increases in financial risk due to a more international supply chain, different interpretations of business ethics across cultures, the cost and complexity of export control compliance and the potential loss of intellectual property. Companies that do globalise faster will accelerate improvements in recruiting, efficiency and R&D. They will also gain leading positions in the growth markets of the future, which lie outside of North America and the EU.

A&D has turned a corner. Its customers and supply base are already international. The race towards true globalisation has begun. Globalisation may introduce new risks and more complexity into the supply chain, but as this report discusses, the strategies to meet these challenges are known. Most are already in use in some form within the A&D industry. Others are evident in other high technology industries. Winners will adapt, expand and execute these strategies more quickly and more effectively than their competitors. By doing so, they will lead markets that will drive growth over the next twenty years and beyond.