Aerospace, defence & security insights 2012: Programmes under pressure

Aerospace, defence & security insightsAn annual series

A new intensity: Programmes under pressure (3rd edition)

AD&S Insights 2012, the third in this annual series, looks at the challenges facing programme management as the industry responds to a an unprecedented convergence of pressures in the environment in which today’s programmes are being delivered.


Key findings

What did we discover?

Our interviews with senior executives, combined with our review of the pressures that are converging on companies, led us to identify the changes that will be important in delivering future programme success.

A case for a different programme management mindset
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“...companies will need a different kind of programme management mindset in which partnership, internationalism, inclusivity and innovation are as much to the fore as really good ‘get it out of the door’ programme management.”


A convergence of pressure

Are you up to the challenge?

The intensity and combination of pressures facing aerospace and defence companies is reflected in the range of challenges identified by leading senior industry executives.

Biggest challenges for AD&S programme performance

Converging pressures facing AD&S companies

Programmes are coming under more pressure from more directions.

  • Market pressures
  • Internationalisation of markets & supply chains
  • Greater complexity
  • Margin pressures
  • Programme volume
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Just under half (43%) of the senior executives in the companies we interviewed felt margins would improve in the next ten years. They also rated themselves on how well they manage complex programmes and what are the most important aspects of programme delivery strategies.

We want to hear your opinion on programme management.

Benchmark your answers against the survey results

Profit margins

Ability to manage

Delivery strategy

The globalisation of the A&D industry has accelerated over the past few years

Number of investments by top 50 global AD&S companies in international markets

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What are the nine dimensions in companies' globalisation efforts?  

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Read the survey

Programme management is now shifting beyond the fundamentals of creating schedules, tracking progress and pressuring suppliers for improved performance.

The report identifies five key areas for programme managers to focus on success: getting systems integration right; solidifying partnerships and joint ventures; agility and speed in business processes; being world citizens in relationship management, and applying a collaborative approach to supply chain management.

How will aerospace and defence companies cut through the converging pressures?

To get some answers, we've interviewed 28 senior executives from 23 leading AD&S companies. You can read points of view from the industry in this report. We also present some suggestions on how AD&S companies can improve their programme performance.

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AD&S insights
A new intensity: Programmes under pressure

What do you think will happen to programme profit margins over the next 10 years?

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AD&S insights
A new intensity: Programmes under pressure

How would you rate your company's ability to manage complex programmes?

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AD&S insights
A new intensity: Programmes under pressure

Most important aspect of company programme delivery strategy