A&D Insights: Gaining technological advantage

The Aerospace & Defence (A&D) Industry Group has launched our second edition of A&D Insights: Gaining technological advantage. Why talk about "gaining technological advantage"? It's really all about getting and keeping market share in your markets, old and new. Differentiation has long been critical to gaining and maintaining contracts, programme positioning and market share. It’s even more important today given the increasing globalisation of the industry.

The A&D industry has been the source of some of the most influential technological advances in modern history -- computers and computer networking, satellites and satellite navigation, and important advances in physics -- all have their roots in the sector's research. That's why it should come as no surprise to anyone that we at PwC believe there is a strong innovation imperative for the industry. The executives we interviewed agree. PwC recently conducted a series of interviews with 18 CEOs and senior executives in the industry on the subject of new technologies and adjacent markets. They told us where they're focusing their efforts to drive lasting growth.