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To be the leading professional services network and provide our clients with the quality advice they deserve, PwC needs the best talent. In FY2016, our global headcount grew 7% to more than 223,000 people.

We welcomed a record 58,081 people to PwC, which is a testament to our reputation for offering exceptional opportunities for development and advancement.


PwC people by region


PwC people by region



Headcount by region 

PwC people FY16  FY15 Growth
Asia 53,010  47,090 13%
Australasia and Pacific Islands  7,639  7,339  4% 
Central and Eastern Europe  9,273  8,432  10% 
Western Europe  69,627  65,870  6% 
Middle East and Africa  13.036  12,861  1% 
North America and the Caribbean  57,773  53,508  8% 
South and Central America  13,110  13,009  1% 
Total  223,468  208,109  7% 


Of these new joiners, 26,780 were graduates and 26,430 were experienced professionals.

PwC's global presence remains strong with offices in 743 locations, across 157 countries.



PwC people  FY16 FY15 FY14
Partners  10,830 10,611 10,002
Client service staff  177,182  163,513  153,051 
Practice support staff  35,456  33,985  32,380 
Total  223,468  208,109  195,433 


Graduate recruits

PwC is among the largest recruiters of graduates in the world. We are committed to attracting the best people to PwC and offering them first-class training and the best opportunity to develop their careers. In FY16, we took on 26,780 graduates worldwide, and just over half of these were female.


International mobility 

Our international mobility programme allows us to pull together diverse, cross-border teams to meet client needs and develop our people.

At 30 June 2016, 2,588 PwC people were on long-term international assignments, up 2% on last year, with participation from 113 countries.

We’re seeing increased levels of cross-border mobility, with an expansion from traditional forms of mobility such as long-term and short-term assignments to different forms of mobility. These include one-way international transfers and cross-border commuters.

PwC firms with the largest numbers of long-term assignees in FY16 include the US, the UK and Australia.

Thirty six percent of PwC’s long-term assignees are women.


International mobility top 10 countries for inbound and outbound assignees

People engagement reaches record level

Globally, our people’s engagement scores have continued to rise. The response rate to our Global People Survey (GPS) was 77%, while our overall People Engagement Index (PEI) came in at a record 77%. 

The vast majority of the more than 168,000 people who completed the survey told us they are proud to work at PwC (83%) and would recommend PwC as a great place to work (76%). Seventy-nine percent said they have the opportunity to work on challenging assignments and 80% are satisfied with the actions PwC is taking to be socially responsible.

People engagement (FY2011 - FY2016)

PwC people engagement FY2011-FY2016

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