What we think: Global Annual Review 2016

Relishing the challenge

In a world of unprecedented scrutiny, the public expects more from business today than ever before.  This goes beyond generating profit to helping resolve complicated issues ranging from climate change to income inequality. At PwC our people relish a challenge.

PwC's Global Markets and Services Leader Richard Oldfield explains how our work on cutting-edge thought leadership, building trust, evolving technologies, pioneering people programmes, and innovative business strategies deliver great value to society at large.

What we think

PwC's Richard Oldfield explains how our work delivers value to society.


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Richard Oldfield on what we think


A look to the future

A look to the future

Hear about some of the trends shaping our future


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PwC's Network Leaders on trends to watch


What are some of the business game-changers that will impact our future? In this video, members of the PwC Network Leadership team - Tim Ryan, Kevin Ellis, Raymund Chao and Norbert Winkeljohann - explore four key trends: emerging technologies, robotics and the workplace, growth markets and the sharing economy. View video transcript



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The exciting future of assurance takes shape

For many years, companies focused on providing shareholders with robust financial information. That’s no longer enough. Today, organisations must engage with a broader set of stakeholders, each focused on specific – often non-financial information. This presents an exciting future for assurance.


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Creating a strategy that works

Every business faces major strategic challenges. In an ongoing global survey of senior executives, more than half of the 4,400 respondents said they didn’t think their business had a winning strategy. We believe these problems are a direct result of how most companies are managed. The underlying issue is a yawning gap between strategy and execution.


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Running a good business in a dynamic world

Today, businesses must carefully manage not only traditional technical complexity – tax, legal, operational, people-related – but also the broader political, economic and social consequences of their business strategies. Governments are working together to drive the most significant change in the global tax systems in generations. An environment of such dynamic change presents significant opportunities to those who are willing to evolve.


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Role in society

The world is changing faster than ever. In these dynamic times, it’s natural and important to ask “change to what end”? The Sustainable Development Goals provide an answer, by defining globally-agreed outcomes we can all strive towards based on ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity for all.


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Emerging technologies

We’re witnessing an era of disruption. Major trends are having a significant impact on everything from talent management and production models to regulation. But of all these megatrends, accelerating technological change has been, and will continue to be, the most disruptive force. 


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