Corporate responsibility

Through corporate responsibility, we seek to go beyond ‘doing the right thing’ to being a catalyst for positive change in society. 

During FY14-16, we have been guided by a series of commitments covering such areas as responsible business behaviours and increased social impact of our community activities. We have now completed the vast majority of these, with the remainder on track to be met by the end of FY17.  

As the stakeholders closest to our activities, we ask our people each year how we are doing in our Global People Survey.  In FY16, 80% of our people told us they are satisfied with the actions PwC is taking to be socially responsible, while 72% of our people indicated they were satisfied with the action PwC is taking to be environmentally responsible.

On a more detailed level, our progress in each of our focus areas is covered below, with progress in Diversity and Inclusion covered here


Responsible business 

Our focus on responsible business is about realising opportunities for positive impact through our value chain – including our work with clients and suppliers.  We recognise that the most significant societal contribution we make is through the work we do every day.  That’s why we work hard to understand the broader landscape we operate within, including stakeholder expectations.  Based on this understanding, we make commitments on how we manage our business and actively participate in forums to shape the future of our industry.  

In FY16, more than 15,000 of our people completed our ‘Think CR’ training, designed to raise awareness of major environmental and social issues and encourage consideration of these in our work with our clients.  

In addition, our sustainability and climate change network continues to help clients increase their understanding and management of environmental and social risks and opportunities.  This year we also produced a number of resources to help businesses navigate the Sustainable Development Goals, and we strongly pressed for change at COP21 through signing an open letter urging action on climate change, alongside CEOs representing 79 companies across 150 countries.

Community investment 

Our community investment activity is guided by our Maximising Potential framework, where our aim is to create positive change in three main focus areas: youth education, supporting social enterprise and building the capacity of not-for-profits. In FY16 we saw our community investment increase to an all-time high as a result of our focus on skilled volunteering and capacity building.  

This year we set out to improve our social impact measurement – moving from inputs to outcomes. Our first round of measurement found that 83% of our community partners surveyed through our global impact measurement survey felt PwC had helped them increase their capacity, with a significant number identifying the greatest benefit had been ‘strengthening their strategy’.


Community investment in numbers

PwC's community investment

Volunteering hours

PwC's volunteering


Number of PwC people participating in community activities 


PwC's community activities

Environmental management

In FY16 we achieved our target for each of our 21 Strategy Council firms to have in place environmental policies aligned to our Network Environmental Statement.  

Our efforts are focused on reducing energy usage from our offices and air travel – which are by far the greatest source of our emissions. We have achieved a reduction in emissions per employee of 8% on FY14 levels. However, gross and net emissions have increased and we will continue to actively manage our emissions, partly through making greater use of technology.


Total GHG emissions by scope

PwC's total GHG emissions by scope

Total gross and net GHG emissions

PwC's total GHG emissions

Total gross emissions (tCO2e) per employee

PwC's gross emissions per employee

These figures relate only to the 21 leading firms in the PwC network. FY14 and FY15 data has been restated following the implementation of a new business information tool which has improved the accuracy of our data.


While we have seen continuous improvement across the network in key areas of focus, we believe that being a responsible business means continually seeking to better understand and manage societal impact and listening to our stakeholders.  In FY17, we will continue to focus our efforts in the areas outlined above, while setting new ambitions for the future that respond to the changing world around us – including taking into account the contribution we can make to significant global agreements such as the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. 

To find out more about our approach to corporate responsibility, visit our website.

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