Corporate responsibility

Video: Richard Collier-Keywood, PwC Vice Chairman and Global Corporate Responsibility Leader

A key business imperative

For PwC, corporate responsibility (CR) is one of the ways that we deliver against our network purpose – to build trust in society and solve important problems. So CR is a business imperative that is key to our continued success.

We’ve reflected this importance by setting ourselves clear and explicit CR commitments. And while we haven’t succeeded in achieving all our goals, we’re energised and encouraged by the progress we’ve made and our goals for the future. Our CR initiatives in FY15 were focused around three main areas.

Responsible business: doing business with integrity to build trust

We strive to create value for business and society, by operating in a way that focuses on ethics, integrity and trust. As you can see throughout this review our people continue to address societal issues through innovation. One of the ways we do this is by introducing new services that enhance trust and transparency between government, business and society. We’ve also continued to provide our people’s time, skills and financial contributions in response to humanitarian crises.

Community engagement: maximising potential

We help organisations such as NGOs, our communities and our people to maximise their potential, using our time, skills and experience to make a lasting difference. We encourage our firms worldwide to support social enterprises, enhance youth education and build capacity in the NGO sector.

This year we have made it our mission to focus on measuring and increasing the impacts of our programmes. This will improve our ability to invest wisely in order to have the greatest positive impact on society. In 2015 all of our 21 largest firms either piloted or implemented impact measurement for their community activities.

Environmental stewardship: helping to safeguard the planet’s future

As well as striving continually to understand and reduce our impact on the environment, we also exert a positive influence through our client work and thought leadership. This year a key focus for our sustainability experts has been advising some of the most climate vulnerable countries in advance of the crucial UN Climate Change Conference in Paris.

Do you want to know more about our CR efforts? Download our Global Annual Review or have a look at our case studies.