Colliding megatrends

PwC’s network leaders highlight four megatrend collisions that they believe have major consequences for businesses around the world.

Last year, we asked the members of the PwC Network Leadership Team (NLT) to take a look at five megatrends that are shaping and disrupting the global economiclandscape and society. The megatrends provide a powerful lens for examining the broad changes taking place across the globe that are having an impact on all of us.

We believe it’s the interaction – or collision – of those trends that is now the most powerful manifestation yet of the significant changes that we see around us in the world today. The consequent disruptive changes are having – and will increasingly have – a major impact on businesses. We are encouraging our clients to map likely collisions and the possible impact of these on their business.

Explore the videos:

The sharing economy

The sharing economy is the result of the collision between technological breakthroughs and resource scarcity as well as rapid urbanisation and demographic shifts.

Connected living

As more and more people connect via digital platforms, trust is a key component of the success of new marketplaces and new business models

Supercompetitive cities

As cities develop, their role and importance is changing too. As technology dismantles some of the economic case for having a large workforce in a central location, cities have a new appeal.

Food integrity and transparency

High profile contamination, adulteration and fraud incidents have eroded public trust in the food industry, raising consumer awareness of food quality and ensuing safety risks.