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We have produced a number of publications and multimedia presentations on gender diversity and women in the workplace, including:

Women unbound: Unleashing female entrepreneurial potential
This PwC/The Crowdfunding Centre report seeks to prove that female entrepreneurs are as successful in raising finance as their male counterparts.

The Gender Agenda blog
PwC’s Gender Agenda blog, an initiative of the global Gender Advisory Council, was launched in October 2007. Updated regularly, it provides a discussion platform for the global issues and debates which relate to women in business.

Winning the fight for female talent
How to gain the diversity edge through inclusive recruitment

Modern mobility: Moving women with purpose
Female demand for international mobility is at an all-time high

The female millennial: A new era of talent
Organizations looking to address the gender leadership gap must drive parallel efforts that tackle enhanced leadership diversity in conjunction with systemic change efforts targeting their workforce from day one. But to get this right, first, organizations must better understand how to attract, develop, engage and retain female millennial talent.

The PwC diversity journey
Creating impact, achieving results